24" Redwood Flower Box

24-inch Redwood Planter

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24-inch Redwood Planter with top embossing 24-inch Redwood Planter with center embossing 24-inch Redwood Planter with dual embossing Planter interior Embossing Detail

Embossed redwood flower box. Durable beauty for your patio.



The redwood flower box is made from thick, 5/8" redwood boards that are naturally resistant to decay.  It's angled sides and embossed flower & leaf design give this planter an attractive edge and fine lines. The planter is available with the embossed border in three locations: Top, Center, or a Dual design.  Like all of our products, our redwood planters are Made in USA.

Three drainage holes in the base provide for proper moisture.  Each corner is reinforced with screws to strengthen the box and give it a long life. Redwood is naturally resistant to decay and can be used without an insert. This planter will fit a standard 24" insert, and the life of the planter will be increased if an insert is used. 

The overall outside dimensions are 7.5" W x 28.5" L x 6.75" H.  The inside base of the planter is 24" long. The bottom of the planter measures 5.25" x 25.5" and will comfortably sit atop a 6" deck rail. 


Weight: 5.00 lbs
Brand: Mountain View

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