Sympathy Wind Chimes

Show your friend and loved one that you care with the gift of a sympathy wind chime. Wind chimes are a lasting gift that will continue to lift their spirits long after the gift is given. Whether it's a get well gift, a memorial to a lost loved one, or just a "Thinking of You" gift, the music of a windchime is the perfect expression of comfort to a friend in need. We ship anywhere throughout the United States and Canada, so even when you can't be there, your sympathy chime can. Our sympathy windchimes have been designed to offer an variety of engraved gifts for different occasions. Each may also be customized with up to four lines of personalized text.

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For the Girls® 25-inch Pink Wind Chimes
For the Girls® 34-inch Pink Wind Chimes
"What we have once enjoyed..."
"The Lord is my Shepherd..."
"The Lord bless you..."
"I am with you always..."
"I am the Light of the world..."
"...My Words will never pass away."
For the Girls® 47-inch Pink Wind Chimes