Large Wind Chimes

Large wind chimes have a deep, musical sound that set the mood of your garden.  The larger the chime, the deeper the sound.  Placed near your deck or on the edge of your garden, these chimes play soothing background music that will calm your nerves and set your mind at ease. Each chime is hand made and carefully tuned to give you the best chimes you can find.

The largest size, the 78” Corinthian Bells T936, is made with two and half inch diameter pipes and weighs 45 lbs out of the box!  The 50” Corinthian Bells T516 is our bestselling chime, and will fit above the railing on a typical porch.  Our other large wind chimes include sizes made with 1.25” diameter pipes and larger.  The extra thick aluminum tubes in our large garden windchimes give these chimes their long lasting, deep notes. 

12 Products
Corinthian Bells® 50-inch Windchime
Corinthian Bells® 53-inch Windchime
Corinthian Bells® 55-inch Windchime
Corinthian Bells® 65-inch Windchime
Corinthian Bells® 78-inch Windchime
Shenandoah Melodies® 54-inch Windchime
Bells of Vienna® 50-inch Windchime
Arabesque® 50-inch Windchime
Bells of Vienna® 53-inch Windchime
Bells of Vienna® 55-inch Windchime
Arabesque® 59-inch Windchime
Bells of Vienna® 65-inch Windchime