Mountain View™ Bluebird Bird House

Price: $51.98

Our wooden bluebird bird house is our best-selling bird house.  Enjoy bluebirds each spring with this log cabin style bird house.

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The removable roof is connected by two secure clips, and detaches for easy cleaning.  Removing the roof is as easy as simply lifting it up.  When you are finished, simply put it back and apply pressure to “snap” it in place.  Each house comes with a pre-drilled wooden mounting block and a pair of wood screws.  Installing your bird house is as easy as positioning the wood block and inserting the two screws. 

Mountain View™ wooden bird houses are unique in that they offer the natural beauty of redwood set in completely original designs, producing pieces that are natural yet finished, elegant yet functional. The series includes bird houses for blue birds, wrens, and flycatchers.  All are made from American redwood, a naturally rot resistant wood. The roofs, sides and front are shaped to mimic a log cabin.  The roof edges and sides have an additional floral design embossed into the wood.


Dimensions: 7.5 x 10 x 9.5
Weight: 4.00 lbs
Brand: Mountain View™
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