Festival® 65-inch Windchime

Festival® 65-inch Windchime

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Bronze Forest Green Silver

This Festival® 65" chime is a distinguished addition to any landscape, and its deep melodies will be far-reaching around your home.




The largest of our Festival® chimes, this chime features long, thin tubes and comes in three natural colors, allowing it to be an understated attraction in your lawn or garden that will subtly fill the air with strong, beautiful melodies.

Overall Length (Inches): 65"
Number of Tubes: 5
Hand-Tuned to Scale: D
Length of Longest Tube (inches): 46"
Weight: 5.00 lbs
Brand: Festival

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Rate This Product

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Author: Dr. Samuel Odom (sodom@dillard.edu)
One of the most provocative and melodic sounds during windy early mornings, midday, and late evenings.

Just a auditory delight for the ears...
Dr. Odom


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